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The goal of the State of Madison Initiative is to create a new state territory in Washington State utilizing select legislative districts turning them into a new Federal Union State called State of Madison (SM) being the 51st to join the union. This state is named after James Madison the fourth president of the United States and is known as the father of the constitution.

To ensure the process is done democratically and to abide by federal law the first phase will be to elect a State Establishment Board, voters and elects will be Washington State residents only. Once that is completed the multiphase implementation of current RCW’s will be started based on board selection including many administrative duties established by the board to include in the State of Madison initiative that will be voted on by ballot.

Frequently asked questions -

  • Q: What are the borders?
  • Ans: That is up to the elected State Establishment Board to decide once elected.


State Establishment Board Election

Yes we are still around, candidates please check your email, we look to begin work as soon as things settle down at the legislature.


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